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Your Partner in H&S Management for Atlantic Canadian companies since 1999. We help companies manage their H&S responsibilities.

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We are a family run, Halifax-based safety consulting services firm with over 20 years of industry experience working throughout the Atlantic provinces providing H&S management services in a wide variety of industries. Helping lower accident rates, improving H&S management efficiencies and taking the lead on workplace monitoring and support for owners, managers, and supervisors. We keep business on track for H&S success by supporting certifiable and regulator standards in the workplace. Setting the stage for the efficient management of all H&S related business concerns.

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We develop H&S programs and manuals. Tailored to meet the specific operations of any company. The program manual is your resource center for the ongoing management of your H&S program. We develop all H&S programs to meet provincial H&S requirements.

Active workplace monitoring is a vital component for the prevention of workplace accidents and deficiencies. We have the expertise and experience required to accurately evaluate all types of workplaces. Giving managers, the information they need to act before accidents happen.

  • H&S Orientation

  • H&S Supervisor Orientation

  • PPE

  • Fire & Extinguisher

  • Accident Investigations

  • WHMIS 2015

  • Fall Protection

  • Safety Committee

  • Safety Representative

Development of written plans and coordination of Review meetings

The key to proving Due Diligence on the part of the employer is well managed H&S records systems. Our records management and maintenance services ensure the paper work is created and doesn't get lost in the mix.

Our auditing services provide feedback to owners and managers regarding the sate of their H&S program. This is essential for the implementation of ongoing improvements. Our services include annual H&S internal audits that meet certifiable standards. If you wish to get your company certified, we can get you there.

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More About Us

An effective H&S program is able to prove due diligence on the part of the employer and management team. In order to support these adequate levels of Due Diligence, regular workplace monitoring, training, and H&S records management must be done.

This is what we do best!

Our services set the stage for the efficient management of H&S within the workplace. Giving employers the peace of mind knowing they are providing a safe workplace for their employees by supplying their supervisors and managers the tools and resources required to efficiently manage H&S in the workplace.

Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of any size company. We continue to be a valuable partner for companies by offering a unique package of services that include records management, in house training, and the workplace monitoring that is essential in the maintenance of an effective H&S program.

Please contact us for a free 30 min consultation to discuss your H&S program and how we can be of help.

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